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Hi all. I'm about to do my first trip with my S&S coupled bike and had a few packing questions for people who've done it before. I'm using the hard-sided case.

1) Is there any reason *not* to completely remove the tires from the wheels? In my "trial run" that just made it so much easier to get things in there and get the case closed. Getting the tires back on is a 1 minute job, so it's no big deal to me from that perspective.

2) Does anybody use a fork spreader? I was going to use the one from my Trico case but didn't know if there was a reason why this wasn't normally recommended when packing coupled bikes.

3) Does anyone have any special tricks for keeping their cable splitters under control? Again, on my trial run I inadvertently caught one in the hinge when closing the case--ended up needing a new splitter. Thought I'd ask if anyone had any special tricks for making sure that doesn't happen. Obviously I know now to watch more carefully, but I'm thinking more in terms of idiot-proofing things when the TSA folks repack it.

Any other secret tips you have?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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