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S-Works Aerofly Carbon Handlebars, 44, 25mm Rise

This is a really nice light, stiff, aerodynamic, carbon fiber drop bar. I bought it for the rise primarily. I was trying to make a bike without quite enough stack fit. The bar solved the height issue but nothing could make it shorter reach so the bike got sold. I sold it with the original handlebar. This bar was installed and taped and I rode it for about 100 miles. It has no injuries. No scratches, no chips, no cracks, no flaws. 31.8 clamp. 44cm wide. Rise 25mm, drop 130mm, reach 80mm. I don't have a weight, but it's light. I liked the aero flats because the large surface area was a nice rest for the hands. Specialized sells these for $300. You can find them on their website. I won't post the link. You are smart enough to find it.

Asking Price: $125.00
Condition: Excellent

2020-01-18_10_08_36.jpg 2020-01-18_10_08_05.jpg 2020-01-18_10_25_43.jpg 2020-01-18_10_25_53.jpg 2020-01-18_10_07_35.jpg
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