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Cycling induced anoesis
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piatzo said:
I'm officially picking up the S-Works Tarmac this Monday and I'm suppose to be getting professional fitted for riding. I'd like to know what does this intel and what should I look for when their doing this procedure. I was told by the lbs that it will take about 90 minutes to two hours. The bike already fits and feels great but I guess there is something else that might need adjusting.

Also another note that sales guy said that had to lube the bike down and something to the gears before I take it home. It's going to be a great day Monday and I'm super excited.

I'm also purchasing the Cyclops Jet Fluid Pro Series trainer. Has anyone used this type of trainer or heard of it before? I checked it out personally. It was nice because it felt like you were actually riding on the street and it was almost silent. I tested some other trainers that were very loud and felt rough when riding.
There are so many possible variables to pro fits that it would be near impossible for anyone to know what yours will entail. However, the end result (after at least one test ride) should be riding efficiently and in comfort, so I suggest taking a pro-active role in the process, but the fitter will likely encourage that.

I can't offer much esle because I didn't follow you remarks about 'lubing the bike down' and have no firsthand experience with the Cyclops.

Good luck tomorrow, and don't forget this is supposed to be fun!! :thumbsup:
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