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Thorn Bait said:
That's the beauty of inanimate objects - they don't care if you ignore them (they don't care at all). If you have no financial reason to get rid of the bike, and you like the bike, then throw a sheet over it to keep the dust off and forget about it a while. You may have more time later - or perhaps may yet be able to ride it every once in a while.
i'ld have to agree, unless you need the cash. but then how much do you think you'll really get? won't your son need a bike soon? i know 8 is fairly young but before you know it...

i kept a bike around for 8 years without riding it that many times and when i got the bug again i was sure glad i had it. and there were many times i could have used even the small amount of money but kept it anyway.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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