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This may be a cynical view, but I believe that the vast majority of professionals in any sport use performance enhancing drugs. How the sport handles screening for this use determines the reputation of the sport.

For example, we almost never hear about professional American football professionals being caught using PEDs. That's not because they don't use them. It is highly unlikely that there are 6' 260lbs linebackers out there that can run a 4.5 40 naturally, yet college football and the NFL has numerous players that fit this description. The difference in athletes being caught is how it is handled by the organizations. The NFL, or at least the teams, are working around the test.

I say all of this, because cycling should expect the pros to use PEDs. If you think they are all natural, you are kidding yourself. We can debate the merits of natural vs enhanced athletes all we want. However, there will never be a world where athletes are paid and perform naturally. It just won't happen.

The image problem for cycling is that they haven't accepted this concept. They think they can "clean up" the sport. Alternatively, the governing bodies feel that catching the occasional pro helps validate their "commitment" to a natural sport.

American football doesn't have this image problem (despite the size and speed of players being extremely unlikely without PEDs), because they take the approach to cover it up rather than expose those that are caught.
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