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Following in the footsteps of the First RoadBikeReview Gathering in DC last November (ride report here: ) several RoadBikeReview Forum members got to planning, and thus the RBR NCD SD Gathering happened this past weekend.

It was great weather and great riding. We had 14 forum regulars show up to ride, eat, drink, and strengthen friendships born from these very forums.

Rumors are already floating around about the next Gathering, details to be announced later, but currently set for June 23-25 in Tahoe. Mark your calendars now!

Here are links to the event write ups and photo reports:

<a href=""><b>thanx everybody!!!!</b></a> by atpjunkie (host/guide for the weekend)

<a href=""><b>OK, here's my meager contribution on SD</b></a> by mickey-mac

<a href=""><b>Day 3</b></a>      <a href=""><b>Day 2 (lotsa scenic pics)</b></a>     <a href=""><b>Day 1</b></a> by gregg

<a href=""><b>NCSD (my non-cycling SD thread)</b></a> by rwbadley

<a href=""><b>My SD Gathering Post</b></a> by bigbill

<a href=""><b>SD Gathering - By Eddy</b></a> by eddy

<a href=""><b>SD - Snap's snaps</b></a> by snapdragen

<a href=""><b>Gracias a todos y pics</b></a> by svend

<a href=""><b>Recollections from Thurs & Fri</b></a> by Len J

Just a sampling of pics from the threads:

1.) The mellow riders on the beach - photo courtesy of eddy
2.) The RBR gang relaxing - photo by rwbadley
3.) Morning of the big ride - photo courtesy of me
4.) Waitress and J's - photo by mickey-mac
5.) Seals in La Jolla - photo by me

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Dang, I am really depressed now!!!

1. I just plain miss riding and the camaraderie of fellow riders

2. SD, La Jolla, " a Mexican place" that looked like it was Alfonso's!! One of the best!...All the sights made me pine for my 10 year in SD...

Thanks guys & gals, John Brazier

PS: I will be getting my prosthetic foot in another 4 weeks or so, then I will ride!

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We will be back in SD sometime too - I'm lobbying for an annual event. Then we'll all ride together.
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