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bwana said:
I'll bet it has something to do with how much room was (or rather, was not) available on the seatstays between the tire and the seat tube.

doesn't appear that there's not enough room... maybe clearance b/w the caliper/cable and foot/leg?

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I finally talked to Dale

This bike was made for an extremely petite woman (under 5 feet tall). The reason for the disc was because her hands are small and the theory is that the light action on the disc makes for easier braking. Also the wheels are small, cable routing, and probably the above mentioned reasons in these posts all made disc a more logical choice in this builders mind. This is also a specially made for road bike disc brake.
I hope this doesn't start a trend though because although I think mountain and crossbike brakes leave much to be desired, I am extremely happy with my Ultegra brakes. I even use them on my loaded touring/cross bike (also built by Dale).
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