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A couple of weeks ago I bought a 2003 Lemond Buenos Aires, Ultegra shifters and brakes, 105 derailers. It had been hanging in a garage for 13 of the last 14 years but underneath a patina of dust was an almost new bike. My main ride is my Trek Madone but I wanted a steel bike to complement the carbon bike.

After riding the Lemond for a couple of weeks I decided I wanted the Lemond set up just as I had set up the Madone. I ordered parts and they came in on Friday, I set Saturday aside and everything got done in the one afternoon. Here are the changes.

Pedals - the bike had Look Keo pedals contemporary with 2003, I put on new keo 2 Max blades. The new pedals are a lot lighter but I really put them on because they look nicer.

Steering - the bike came with 3 small spacers, 46 cm bars and a 100mm stem. I changed to 40 cm bars, an 80mm stem and a stem riser.

Wheels - Biggest change, original Bontrager Select wheels were OK, but I got a set of Mavic Equipe S wheels in new condition from Craigslist and these made a big difference. The chain, cassette and rear derailer got a good cleaning in the process, then a good coat of Finish Line.

Brakes - the brake cables showed a bit of rust on the exposed portions so while things were apart I put on new brake cables. I also added Tektro 721 brake interrupter levers. Where I ride there are intersections every few hundred yards even on the bike path. Now I can coast to the intersection with hands on the tops, brake with the tektros and get back on the hoods after the intersection.

Misc. - Selle Italia C2 gel seat, New tape, repositioning the mirror and lights to the left bar end and fastening the base of my Magellan Cyclo 315 to the stem completed Saturday's project. All that's left is new bottle cages and a new Selle SMP saddle which are on the way.

The new wheels roll a bit better, accelerate a little faster and seem to have a little less flex. The new steering setup fits me better and is more comfortable. The bike now turns faster and feels more agile in the turns. The new brake cables made a big difference in the feel of the brakes and the set up is better. The brake interrupter levers are a real convenience.

I'm sure people are wondering about cost. The bike cost me $500. Everything else came to about $325. I have about $825 into it, altogether but I priced a new 853 type steel bike with Ultegra and it would have been well over $2000. The Lemond now runs like brand new.
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