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Dr. Craig Nichols, who was also heard in the trial, has said that he did not recall Armstrong to have said that he had used banned substances in cycling. In a sworn affidavit, Nichols said he and other medical personnel visited with Armstrong that day about his medical history before he started chemotherapy.

"Lance Armstrong never admitted, suggested or indicated that he has ever taken performance-enhancing drugs. Had this been disclosed to me, I would have recorded it, or been aware of it, as a pertinent aspect of Lance Armstrong's past medical history as I always do," Nichols said. "Had I been present at any such 'confession,' I would most certainly have vividly recalled the fact," Nichols said. "I would have recorded such a confession as a matter of form, as indeed, would have my colleagues. None was recorded."

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bas said:
How could you do this?

This is like Hulk Hogan/WWE in his testimony saying Vince McMahon/WWE gave the wrestlers steroids.

Keep your mouth shut Frankie boy.
I read that it was Mrs. Frankie that opend her mouth. One day we might have to digest a very disturbing truth.
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