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I've got a bike for sale, and got back a few "questionable" emails.....from what i've read, seems like a scam. Thoughts? Here's the email

Hello Brad
I'm really glad with the content of your mail.
Thanks soo much for everything
Pls help me take good proper care of it cos i belive by now it belongs to me.
Please DO NOT respond to anybody again anymore
I ' ll offer you $750 .
About the shippment , i will take care of that myself. i shall contact a shipping company who normally does that for me.
i shall pay in Certified cashier's check IN US $ which would CLEAR in your bank account within 2 to 3 working days.
before we could proceed with the shippment.
If u are ok with that, get back to me today so that i could get the payment ready.
I'm from ZURICH, i live in the heart of switzerland cos am a Mechanical Engineer.
I always come home ( ZURICH) every last friday of the months and travel back to my place of work in Slovenia.
For you to really know how prepared i was, you can contact my shipping company today via email at [email protected] cos he will be picking it up from the address you provided. All you 've to do is provide where the pick-up is going to happen. if it's at the address you provoided , thats ok with me. i will forward your info to him.
Not to forget the shipping company funds would be added to your payment all what you just need to do is that upon the receipt of the payment you are to deduct your own money and you get the difference amount wired to the shipping company via western union prior the payment compeletely CLEAR.
They handle all my shipments for the past 4 years.
I'll be very grateful if you can send the funds to the shipping company the same day the check fully CLEARED for a faster transaction.
I am really glad that you want me to get the Cannondale 1FG Headshok and i will be happy also when i get it.'cos is going to to a good home
Pls email me back today.
I'll need your data for the check, viz;
Pls mail me today to let me know i am the rightful owner
Thanks for selling to me.

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I get the same emails too. I'm positve it's a 3rd party scam. I told the guy that I would not send anything to him for at least 3-4 weeks; just incase it's a forged or conterfeit check. Be very weary.

Good day,

Los Barriles, BCS, Mexico
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It IS a scam, a classic. The cashiers check will be counterfeit, and even though your bank will 'clear' it within a day or two, when it comes back in two or three weeks as 'bad' your account will be debited. Meanwhile the 'shipping company funds' that you wired (most likely by Western Union or MoneyGram) was your own money and is now gone forever. Don't do it!

All the checks in the pic are counterfeits sent to me by scammers using the same basic idea as the guy trying to scam you. I just happen to like to play games with these guys, hopefully costing them money

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Yep 100% grade A scam.
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