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I'm not the guy who cries about lousy service, but in this instance I'm doing mankind a huge favor, and I'm counting on good Karma in return:).

Less then 5 Min after I placed the order, and on a non working day (Sunday their time), I cancelled the order, got receipt and acknowledgement of that order cancellation in Email.

Next day I email them, and now the go play their scam spiel.

Sir, the order is already in the system, we cannot pull your order anymore, it is being processed.

This is the typical SCAM line most **** retailer would use to save a sale.

Folks I placed the order July 1 2018, it was still showing not processed on July 2, it arrived at my mailbox July 11.

Have proof that they send a cancellation email to me, confronted them with this all prior to July 2, 2018.

However as scam operator would do, they denied and denied, and shipped anyway.

Their hope is that you will accept the package, will not conform to their return policy and incur return shipment cost, on your dime.

Your credit card company cannot help you there in the dispute, because without you having proof of mailing, they will say, we don't have it, as a TRUE Scammer would do.

So my option were pay for return shipping and having to correspond with the scammers for RMA.
Open the package, inspect the contents, and in my case donate it to a deserving individual.

And making it my mission in life to spread the word of this SCAM operation called PROBIKEKIT.

Folks in reviewing all other posters with similar encounters, it is not a fluke.

I would have been smarter if I would have taken the advise from other posters(victims)

Consider US based retailers, might be a buck more, but way less headaches.

I spread the word for you SCAMMERS free of charge, anywhere and anytime I get an audience, compliments of your Victim :).
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