One of the most prestigious Italian brands, renown for its niche production of top of the range steel and carbon/steel frames, is now approaching the US Market through the distribution of Global Trail Cycling Imports.

Scapin is one of the most prestigious Italian brands ever, together with DeRosa, Pinarello and Colnago. In fact: the Scapin bikes are the sole mountain bikes ever to win the COMPASSO D'ORO, the most prestigious Italian Design Award.

Founded in 1957 by Umberto Scapin, a former pro rider, the brand has become renown through time, for the peculiar craftsmanship, high quality and technological excellence of its creations.
The Fontana family, owners of the Olympia brand, bought Scapin in 2005 and started investing in R&D, guided by the experience of the firm's historical designer: Stefano Scapin.
Today, the Scapin brand offers a full range of high quality mountain bikes and road racing frames and complete bikes, specifying full carbon fiber or full steel frames as well as creative but highly performing mixed solutions.

Rigorously Made in Italy, as far as the manufacturing of the Steel frames is concerned, every Scapin bike is a jewel, made of precious details that include patented systems as well as small but clever cycling solutions.

From January 2009, the brand will be distributed in the USA through Global Trail Cycling Imports. This reputed distributor, that's already offering the US market, a range of fine crafted cycling products from all over the world, will take care to set up the sales network and selling strategies of the Scapin brand.