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My brother (6' tall) just upgraded his road bike and gave me his old one, a Primal Heatstroke 58cm frame (I think made by KHS), Ultegra components, Velomax Cicuit wheels, 3T handlebars/stem. I'm 6'2" and the bike feels too small. I even flipped the stem (3T) which now looks like it has about 10 degrees of rise. Still, the bars are nearly 4 inches lower than the saddle, which seems to be a little too low and stressful on my lower back. The bars also feel way too narrow so I order some Nitto 48cm C-C bars.

Anywy, I don't have loads of cash to spend on a fancy frame so the deals at Performancebike on the Scattante XRLs looks really good, especially with the 10% off coupon. The Primal uses a 68mm bottom bracket and 27.2mm seat tube. I think everything will transfer nicely, but will need a braze-on converter thingy for the front derailluer. I am close to 100% sure the XL (60cm) frame will be just the ticket to fit me but wanted to ask you experts what you think. My inseam is 35 inches, btw. Please advise, I look forward to riding lots roads!:D
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