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Scott 2018

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Let this thread be a placeholder for the 2018 lineup. The MTBs are showing up on MTBR and the road line should be imminent.

I'd think the Solace is due to be revamped. Would be nice, and helpful from a production standpoint, to have the frames / forks be disc or rim brake-equipped as the owner chooses or prefers.

Sorry, no pics are actual info from my end yet...didn't mean to be a tease.
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The Addict disappeared for a whole year or two while it was redeveloped, right? Maybe that's just how Scott does things and same is happening with Solace?
Looks like the Solace may just give way to the the split Addict line-up. There's going to be RC "race" geometry bikes and more common endurance geometry bikes with 1" taller head tubes.
Ding ding, winner winner!

I'm a little disappointed to see the more premium oriented endurance frame in the Solace go away. I'm pretty sure some people raced the Paris-Roubaix on Solaces although it was won on a Foil. I doubt you'll see the new "endurance Addict" in pro races.

That said I probably don't know what I'm taking about as I happily ride a 2015 Addict and have no desire for an endurance frame at this point.
Are there any major industry milestones coming up where announcements are made? Scott hasn't really announced anything new on the road side for a while.

Personally, I don't think they've gone the right route having so many versions of bike using the Addict name. I think it's sort of diluted the product name or at least caused confusion.

Still loving my 2015 Addict, although I've been on my new cheap CX bike more lately.
The Foil is apparently comfy enough to ride and win Paris-Roubaix, maybe they should just rebrand it. 😋
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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