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Scott 2018

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Let this thread be a placeholder for the 2018 lineup. The MTBs are showing up on MTBR and the road line should be imminent.

I'd think the Solace is due to be revamped. Would be nice, and helpful from a production standpoint, to have the frames / forks be disc or rim brake-equipped as the owner chooses or prefers.

Sorry, no pics are actual info from my end yet...didn't mean to be a tease.
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Frankly I'm surprised the CR1 lasted this long. It was assumed the Addict was going to be revamped when Orica-Scott showed up to the Tour Down Under with just Foils, but nothing ever came of it.

Considering Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, etc. have all doubled down on relaxed geometry endurance bikes with suspension systems and other damping properties, I'd be shocked if they only filled this space with aggressive geometry CX versions of the Addict and the alloy Speedster.

Perhaps Scott is giving the Speedster a carbon makeover as well as retaining the alloy versions?
Which gimmicks? Dropped seatstays? Everyone's doing that. Kamm-profiles? Everyone's doing that too. Integrated cockpits? Every last bit of aero benefit helps. Suspension? Not a gimmick. It increases both comfort and cornering grip. See MotoGP and Formula One...deflection/compliance is needed. Fatter tires can be used, but aero drag reduction is even more crucial than grip.
The elastomers and the coil springs in the Trek / Specialized bikes are easily replaceable.

Also compliance and deflection are not really what I'm hinting at. Real, damped suspensions are coming front and rear to race bikes in the next few product cycles.
Looks like the Solace may just give way to the the split Addict line-up. There's going to be RC "race" geometry bikes and more common endurance geometry bikes with 1" taller head tubes.
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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