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I'm often stopped and asked about my 08 Lager and thought to give a quick laymen's review here since it's often mentioned as an option for under $500.
In short, I love it.
I ride roughly 30-40 miles a day on various paved environments from streets to greenways. I mash up hills, fly down hills, and plow through root infested blacktop without a problem but still get a great workout. It's nimble, sturdy, and striking - I wasn't hot for the color but it has grown on me now that it's all brown. In fact, her name is now Brownie.
I do ride it fixed on occasion but I frankly enjoy riding it SS more - I've found that my riding style is best suited to the freewheel as it allows me to "share the road" with those less considerate & "smell the roses" far more.
I'm sure I've ridden over 2k miles since late September and I rode it comfortably bone stock until the first of the year. I wipe it down after every ride & lightly oil cloth the chain bimonthly.
The upgrades are as follows:
Nitto Bullhorns (RB-019)
Velo Orange Elk Bar leather
Kalloy stem (longer & lower)
Brooks Swallow Ti + Bag
Nitto Jaguar Seatpost
MKS NJS Sylvan Pedals & Cages (great cheap improvement)
New Tendra Tires (but looking for recommendations)
Nitto R bottle cage
I also have a wireless computer, front & back lights but removed them for the pic.

This has been one of the best investments I've ever made and recommend the Lager for anyone who is looking for a reliable, fun entry level SS that has the ability to grow with you.
Thanks for your time.
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