Lighter, Faster, Stronger - Choose Two Three

Waterloo, WI - Bontrager, the world leader in bicycle tire technology and innovation, unveiled their all-new R-Series road tire line-up today. Designed to improve the riding experience of any rider on any road surface, Bontrager's new R-Series tires boast weight-saving, speed-enhancing, and flat-preventive technologies that allow each and every model to become lighter, faster, and stronger than its predecessor-including the R4 Aero, the 'new' world's fastest tire.

What's new with R-Series tires?
  • A more concise line that adheres to a distinct performance hierarchy
  • The introduction of the R-Series naming program for road tires
  • Expansion of Bontrager's exclusive aero wing technology into additional price points
  • Easier to install aero wings that no longer require hand seating
  • Improved puncture protection throughout the line
  • Increased tpi casing on high performance models
  • Reduced weight throughout the entire line
  • Expanded color options for total aesthetic coordination
  • The introduction of a road tubeless tire
  • A new "World's Fastest Tire" that is faster at all yaw angles and all speeds
So, why "R"?
Following the direction of our mountain and hybrid tires, Bontrager is introducing a cleaner naming structure for our road tires. Bontrager road tires will be split into R and T models-T refers to Training/Touring and will arrive later in 2010. The "R" in the name of our new tires refers to Ride, or Race, while the number following refers to the performance level of the tire; 1 at the Basic level and 4 at the Ultra Performance level.

Available in six different models: R1, R2, R3, R4, R4 Aero and R4 Tubeless with MSRPs ranging from $24.99 to $79.99. R-Series tires are available only through authorized Bontrager dealers and are backed by Bontrager's exclusive Unconditional Performance Guarantee.

For more information, please visit Bontrager.com/road_tires