2015 Sea Otter Classic

Nuun PLUS allows the user to tailor their fueling needs.

Nuun PLUS allows the user to tailor fueling to their personal needs (click to enlarge).​

Add hydration and fueling to the growing list of customizable products within the cycling world. The latest entrant into this just-for-you arena comes from Nuun, which launched Nuun PLUS at the Sea Otter Classic. Billed as a modular additive for your sports drink, the effervescent tabs allow you to add carbohydrates to your sports drink of choice (preferably Nuun of course).

Each flavorless tab contains about 20 calories, while a standard Nuun tab has 10 calories. The standard recommended dose, says Nuun sales director Tyler Smith, is 2 PLUS tabs combined with a single Nuun electrolyte tab.

"But it's completely customizable," adds Smith. "The PLUS tabs don't effect the flavor profile, so you can pick the ratio of carbs you need. If you're out for a one-hour spin, you really don't need any calories. But for longer efforts you're likely going to want something more in your bottle."

Smith adds that generally the 2-to-1 combo provides the ideal absorption rate for 90-minute or more efforts. "But everyone is different," he says. "And that's reason for a modular system such as this."

PLUS uses fast releasing, multiple carbohydrate sources, d-Glucose and Sucrose, that can be used by the body immediately to increase the rate of hydration. One 12-tab bottle of Nuun PLUS costs $7, while a standard tube of Nuun is $6.50, putting the per serving cost at $1.71 for a 16-ounce bottle.

For more information visit nuun.com

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