Diamondback recently upped their presence in the road cycling world by announcing a partnership with Optum Pro Cycling. We met up with Diamondback Road Marketing Manager James Weigand to discuss the new team bike, the Podium Equipe Team Optum Edition. The top-of-the-line road bike offering in the Diamondback line, the Podium Equipe features a lightweight carbon fiber frame molded using their Advanced Monocoque Molding Process and a carbon fiber fork constructed using continuous top-to-bottom carbon fiber strands. Overall the bike design is intended to provide additional rigidity and improved handling.

Currently being ridden by the Optum Pro Cycling team as well as two elite U.S. teams, the Podium Equipe is available spec'd with SRAM Red 22 or Campy EPS. The same frame design can be had with a lower carbon makeup and less expensive spec in the Podium Vitesse and ETape models. For more information, visit