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no formula

Sintesi said:
My inseam is 80.33 cm near as I can figure. What in your opinion should my seat height be?

I'm thinking I'm riding too high. I've been diddling with this for years And I thought taller was better but now I'm not so sure.

Whereabouts would you put the seat for me?

No formula could possibly work for everyone, which means it likely won't work for you.

What I have always done, and this has always worked, is to mount the bike on a trainer and sit normally on the bike, bike shoes on and then clip in both feet. Set seat height so that at BDC, with feet level, the leg is slightly bent.

Typically you know the seat is too high if the rear of your knees hurt, your hips rock on the saddle, and/or you get a lot of chafing from rocking. You can get excess perineum pressure, too.

Too low and you'll get pain on the front of your knees and feel underpowered and cramped on the bike.

Once you get it set, measure with a tape from the top of your saddle to center of your crank bolt, or some other reference, then keep it the same on all your bikes or after you move or replace something. My measurement is 28 5/8 inches. If you use shorter cranks on some bikes, you might need to account for that, though.

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