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Hi all,

I'm looking for a second set of wheels for my Norco Threshold, carbon version. It came with OEM Alex CXD-6 wheels, which seem okay enough. I have no real concerns about them knowing that they are nothing fancy. I need/want a second set of wheels so I can both have a dry/mud set for cross (I'm in no danger of winning anything) and also so I can have a set of studded/non-studded winter commute choices. Between commuting and cross, I ride the Threshold about 1800 miles a year and weigh 200 pounds, give or take.

The Alex hubs have a through axle, 15/100 in the front and 12/144 rear, with disc brakes.

Along with talking to my LBS about either a build or something they have sitting around the shop, I've been scouring the internet.

To keep my wife happy, I'm trying to keep it under $400 US. I'll have a little wiggle room as she just ordered a iPhone 7 Plus, but still, happy wife, happy life!

I've found the Pure CXDisc28 Pure D400 CX/Road/Hybrid Disc at Bicycle Wheel Warehouse, which looks pretty good for $389.

Another option is on Wiggle, the Fulcrum Racing LG 5, It's $342 but I can't tell if that will hold up to cross given my weight.

I've also looked at Some DT Swiss builds, Stans, and many more on Ebay (too many no-name options), Boyds and other suggestions I've seen in the various forums. Most of those are a bit more than I want to spend since most prices don't include the brake disc.

So, hoping this isn't getting into tl/dr territory, I'd appreciate any thoughts on the two builds I've found or other builds or suggestions, or things I should really NOT do. Winters in Spokane, WA can be tough on wheels, given snow, slush, ice, sand, and de-icer, so the "better" of the wheels I may try to save a bit.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing what folks have to say.
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