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nashar has the Selle Italia Monolink Saddle & Post Combo on sale for $199 + 10% extra off. These normally are insanely expensive. I bought one a few weeks ago. They don't list the post length and their chat guy didn't know it, but mine was 350mm (which I needed). The post was about 225 grams - decent compared to other setback posts (not weight weenie). My saddle position is 9.5mm behind BB, so I need the setback. This provided more than other posts I've used.

I didn't buy it for the watt savings they claim, but I do tend to wear out shorts due to seat rub on other SLR saddles. There is definitely less rub with this 'friction free' shape. The saddle is a flow model with cutout and has a nice amount of give. not flexy. The monolink clamping mechanism is excellent. Secure and allows tilt to be adjusted independent of fore/aft. Good return policy allows try & return if not happy.

Selle Italia Monolink Saddle & Post Combo - Men's Bike Saddles

and a velonews review.

Wrenched and Ridden Review: Selle Italia SLR Monolink saddle and Monolink seatpost
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