Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Saddle - by Thien Dinh
  • LTH: Covering in breathable full-grain leather
  • EVA: Lighter padding for maximum comfort and maximum cushioning
  • Shell made from 30% Carbon composite
  • Length: 275mm
  • Width: 131mm
  • Rails: Carbon
  • Weight: 125g (claimed), 127g (actual weighed)
  • MSRP: $250

The perfect saddle is one that you don't even think about, but with saddles being such a personal thing how does one choose among the hundreds if not thousands of choices out there? Well, my friends, there is no easy way around it, you should try as many different saddles until you find the right one. The one that fits just right, allowing you to enjoy the ride and not think about the saddle. Enter the Selle Italia SLR, this saddle comes in many variations, but the one we have here is the 125 gram Kit Carbonio.

One of the more popular saddles amongst pros, amateurs, and club cyclists, this sleek lightweight saddle is very visually appealing. An almost identical twin to the regular SLR, with the same 30% carbon shell, the same EVA padding for comfort, and it has the same weather-resistant full-leather cover for longevity. Where the Kit Carbonio differs is instead of being built on Ti rails, the Kit is built around full carbon rails. This helps not only in dropping weight, but also it adds to the overal visual appeal of the saddle. The carbon treatment doesn't just end there either, near the rear of the saddle, there is a small carbon insert. Though this is purely aesthetic, it does flow well.

Aesthetics aside, the SLR might come across to some as s masochist cyclists torture device, but it's quite the opposite. Again, this comes down to personal preference and the different types of sit bones we all have. I found the SLR to be a very comfortable saddle, even with it's very minimalist approach. Dialing in this saddle takes no time at all if you know your saddle height requirements. Because of it's flat shape, it doesn't take the extra time as say a saddle that flairs up in the rear. My experience with the saddle was delight from mile 1, with it's flat and firm shell and minimal padding. Though, some have reported that it took awhile to break the saddle in before it felt natural for them. I found the one drawback of the saddle to be that because of the shape, the nose is not as long as other saddles (like the Fizik Arione, for example), there are not as many positions that you can shift too, if/when you so desire...

Short rides or longer rides, rough roads or smooth I found there to be zero discomfort. Having ridden the saddle for a good amount of time now I would easily recommend this saddle. Especially for those amongst us that must have the weight savings. Though I should mention there is a no holds version of this saddle, the SLR C 64, that does away with the leather seat cover and padding altogether for a weight of only 88 grams!

3.5- Weight Weenies have to pay a premium...
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