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I am wondering what people have to say about the SMP Saddles, more specifically the Glider, Stratos and the Evolution. I am a little confused as to what size I should get?
How big are your sit bones, which one do you use?

Actually I just bought the Glider, picked it up today at my local LBS. They said I could try it out and switch it up for one of the others if I did not like the Glider.

My main concern is size. I am coming off a Selle Italia SLR XC Gel flow – 129mm, 170g. The Glider is 136mm/260g, Stratos, 131mm/250g and Evo at 230g/129mm (Stratos w/less cushioning).

My sit bones are 111-115mm depending on the measuring device, Trek vs. Specialized Assometer. The Assometer claims I should be on a 140mm saddle… On my mtbs I ride the SDG Belairs which are 140mm , comfy but just a hair too wide. I called the guy at, he said that the Glider would be too big, Stratos or Evo for sure.

I love the SLR and the minimal cushioning it provides. Made me sit on my sit bones, but really sucked when in the drops. Too much pressure and I could not hold that position too long. Drops feel awesome in the Glider!

Still have to ride the Glider outside … but on the trainer w/o bike shorts it felt wide, like I was sitting on the edge of the cut out.


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i have two Evos, one on the road bike, a kestrel 200ems and one on my tri bike, a QRoo Caliente. i am happy with it on either bike and have ridden as far as 116 miles over about 7-8 hours and as long as 11 hours(during this years brutally cold and windy Solvang century) the first one i purchased from a forum member here on RBR, and the second i got from a going-out-of-business sale(it still says 'demo' on it.)

one important note about the SMP, the older models had heat-transfer logo/labelling and the newer ones have stitching for the logo/labelling - the stitching has shown a tendency to eat your shorts by abrading them until they get holes. not good if you like expensive shorts/bibs like Assos.

my previous saddle was the Selle Italia Signo Gel Flow which i like, but not as much as the SMPs. prior to the SI, i had ridden the SI Flite Ti in both the original form and the TT.

while i find the assometer)s_ a good _guide_, i think it's better to test-ride any saddle. at least with the SMPs, there's good resale value if you find you don't like the one you have.

find someplace that has a demo/rental program for saddles...

good luck with your search!
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