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Q's on selling off used Road parts...

I really no experience is selling off used Road stuff, MTN yes, but road items no.

I need some info on what you guys think a good starting price is for some items that will be listed on the RBR Classifieds and eBay.

  1. FSA RD-400 Wheels - low mileage, really good shape, true and extra graphics
  2. 6500 Ultegra 9spd Shifters - a few small minor cosmetic scratches, perfect mechincal condtion, low mileage w/ DA cables with 40 miles on them.
  3. Ultegra 12-21 Cassette with less than 500 miles.
  4. KMC X9SL GOLD Chain with under 300 miles.
Now should I sell the cassette and wheels together? Chain and cassette?

I been searching but I am not finding too mnay items like these so it's hard to get an idea.


The ad in the RBR Classifieds has been placed so this is not considered SPAM ;).
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