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Alright, it may not be the nastiest, but it is hard and we will be on single speeds. The TransRockies is widely considered by many to be the world's toughest mountain bike competition. This brutal seven-day, 600-kilometer stage race crosses the Continental Divide three times and includes over 40,000 feet of climbing in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.
Josh the Wonderboy and I are in the final round of the Race Face Ultimate XC Challenge. Our application and video were selected to be one of the final four. If we win we get an all expenses paid trip to the Trans Rockies. Even though I was the first single speeder to complete the TR in '05 I want to go back and be part of the first SS team to finish the TR. We need your votes to win. You have to view all four videos before you place your vote.
You can register to vote here.
You can view the videos here.
It only takes about five minutes to register, watch the videos, and cast your vote. Voting ends July 15th so please don't wait.
Why vote for us? If you don't know who we are I can assure you we are passionate about mountain biking. We are two bike messengers with 15+years combined experience from Charlotte,NC and as Josh puts it "we got the skills to pay the bills". Josh and I will definitely be up to the task, and I don't know if any two guys could have more fun doing it than us. Live vicariously through us as we ride all over the Canadian Rockies, eh.
We will do our best to represent SS'ers and messengers at every possible moment. If there is a "Naked Mile" this year we'll do it. If we can find beer we'll drink it. If Race Face lets us, we might even cross dress. Every vote counts so please take the time to do it. If you're not sure how you feel about us read our application on the site and see what we are about.

Vote for Bad Idea Racing.

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