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I thought it was easy to set-up the Speedplays for me.

My steps:

1. The base plate I aligned for ball of foot position.

2. The pedal interface, I took a wild shot. I placed it center then clicked into the bike to see where I was relative shoe to arm distance. I marked off 3/8" shoe clearance and adjusted it there for an initial ride. This was a similar arm clearance with the Look set-up.

3. Since the free float covers any angular adjustment like one might have to do with Look or Time, this step was unnecessary.

The cleat stack height is lower so I reduced my saddle height the specified amount from the Look pedal position.

I don't have a stationary trainer otherwise, I'd be able to see how my knee and leg was tracking and make the adjustment. I took the bike out for a ride down the street and observed my knee. I moved the cleats outward (closer to arm position) and did more riding. After two 25 mile runs, the only small adjustments I made was the right cleat I adjusted about 1/16" and saddle height nudged down about 1mm.

I outlined my placement or used match marks with a permanent marker so I could gauge the position change.
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