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Figured this was the best place to put my cross set-up questions.
First, the bike. Aegis Shaman. Currently running Kona P2 fork, Avid Tri-Align canits, Ultegra shifters, 105 front D changing the chain across a RaceFace Next 46-34 triple crank that I've taken the small ring off. That's the pertient info.
First change I've been thinking about: front disc brake. I've been doing a lot more commuting and traffic riding with this bike than anything. And I'd like to get a little more brake into my hands. The P2 fork has a dics tab, and I'm willing to get a wheel built to run a disc. Is it worth it? I've never used mechanical discs. Do they have a similar feel to hydraulics? I don't plan on going rear disc because there is no tab, and the rear wheel spacing is 130, meaning wheel choices would be poor.
Next, and somewhat more importantly I've been thinking about switching to an FSA cross crankset. I've been running the Race Face mountain crank for a couple years now and the crank itself is great, very light, super stiff. But setting up the front D is a serious pain, and at it's best the shifting lags. I'm wondering if a crank switch would help shifting.
Advice, impressions?
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