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Does someone make a Shimano compatable 10 speed cassette that has as its inside gear a 29 or 30. Shimano makes a 12-27 10 speed cassette and I have found IRD makes a 12-28 which will help some, but it does not seem enough to really matter much.

I have also found TISO cassettes from Cycling Inovations that are 13-29, but they wear out very quickly it says on the website.

I have a triple 9 speed on my old bike but just got a new Trek with the Shimano 10 speed group with the 12-27 on it. I live where it is quite hilly and I am 65 years old. I'm OK if I do a 20 mile and less ride, that's about 1500 feet combined rise, but if I do 30-40 I don't think I'll make it up the tough hills on the return, one is 12 degrees for about 200 yards and the other 16 degrees for about the same distance. Obviously I'm trying to avoid buying a triple crank and new rear bits to take up the chain length for the triple.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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