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Since I missed the thread on shaving, which is now buried a few pages in, I am offering a few thoughts on a new thread.
I rode with a guy in the height of pollen season with more hair on his legs that Chewbacca. By the end of the ride, his legs had become a bee's sex object. They were totally yellow. That's gotta slow ya down at least somewhat, unless you're severely allergic to the bees swarming.
I have tried both the razor and nair-type products.
The Nair stuff works well, but I found that I felt as if I could never dry my legs after the shower. Weird. And keep it the hell away from the stones.
Putting on long pants, especially polyester type dress pants gives me the willies every time they make contact with my knees, which is quite often. No matter how far into the season it is, I can't get used to it. And they feel wet all the time in pants.
Here comes the big jinx: since I haven't crashed since I started shaving, I can't say as to the healing time. I hope never to have to follow up on this one. Did I mention jinx?
Finally, I think the biggest reason is the vanity factor. I admit, I cannot pass a mirror without discretely flexing my calves when they are in peak form.
Second finally: my wife says it's cute. But she also accuses me of having smoother legs than she has.
The verdict: I shave 'em.
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