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I remember this story of the original wheels - radially spoked for disc brakes!! - from the cyclo-cross forum.

The person who built the wheels is a moron. He's not a wheelbuilder; he just happens to own a spoke wrench. Don't return them to him as he doesn't have a clue.

After the radial wheels were re-built 3x the person with the spoke wrench (who posed as a wheelbuiler) didn't stress-relieve the wheels and remove spoke windup. It's very possible that there wasn't enough spoke tension too.

You can fix the wheels yourself and after you finish reading the wheelbuilding info in my signature you will know MUCH more than 'He who owns the Spoke Wrench'. I guess I shouldn't assume that he has a spoke wrench.

You will see inside my info a link to Roger Musson's wheelbuilding e-book. That's the finest source of wheelbuilding info (in my opinion, as own all the books) on the planet. The book is written especially for home wheelbuilders.

I would suggest that you loosen all the spokes and re-tension the wheels properly.

Edit - I see that you mention "settling". If a wheel is built properly, with enough tension, stressed and spoke windup removed, then the wheels will be "settled" in the workshop and will never need re-truing after riding.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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