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I spent part of the winter months moving components from my Lemond Tourmalet to a new Masi frameset that fits me better. The Tourmalet had 8-speed Shimano RSX with a triple crank. I sold off the shifters since my hand shape disagreed with the RSX shifters, and got myself a set of 2006 Veloce 10-speed shifters via ebay. 10-speed Campy works with 8-speed Shimano rear derailleurs, according to the Internets, and I figured I would just re-sell the Veloces if I wasn't satisfied with the setup.

For the front derailleur I picked up a Suntour XC Pro since I had given my RSX triple to a friend to replace a very shoddy Sora triple FD that came on a bike he got in the fall. I followed Shimano's instructions to get it set up. It was a little tricky getting the cable tension just right, but the trimming in the Campy shifter makes it easy to avoid chain rub in all gear combos except the extremes.

Anyway - Campy shifters, Shimano rear, Suntour like charm, and better than the RSX shifters did! The Campagnolo stock cable kit did not, with the front shifter cable an inch too short due to the top tube/pulley routing.
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