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It is simply not to proper torque

tatum07 said:
Thanks for the detail information regarding propoper torque. I will be sure to relay this to my lbs.
Anything else the shop tells you is blowing smoke up your arse. There are a lot of shops around that deal in high end bikes, yet still don't see too many Italian threaded bottom brackets. Only a few companies still use Italian threading. Proper torque on an Italian threaded BB is really high. In fact, it's high enough that most shop guys can't torque it high enough without using some form a leverage bar. And that is the real problem here. Most guys who don't work on Ital. BB's don't know to use a leverage bar and would likely be afraid to use it if they were told to anyways. Proper spec is about 70 N-m or nearly 700 inch pounds (695) which is really tight.

If you install the fixed cup first (as you always should) you really won't be able to hurt your frame (because yours is Ti) by putting the cup in too tight. Just make sure you don't strip the tool indents on the cup. The Ultegra cup you put in is steel so that shouldn't be an issue, but it could be with the Dura-Ace as it's an alloy cup. Torque that sucker to spec and you shouldn't have any problems. If you are unsure, you can always apply a little bit (2 or 3 drops) of blue removeable loc-tite to the cups to make sure they don't come out until you want them out. Just keep in mind that if you use a leverage bar to install your BB, you will need one of equal or longer leverage to remove your BB too.

As for the Campy fitting Italian frames better.... that's crap. I like Campy parts, but they don't fit any differently than the proper Shimano ones do.

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