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Excuse me if this is an old topic, but I can't find straight answers and I would like a fresh view.

I currently use a Shimano CN-HG-6600 chain which works smoothly and holds up reasonably. It wears only twice as fast as a good old CN-HG-73 (9 speed 105). :rolleyes:

The question is - is a Dura-Ace better, for 20% more money? And is the 105 version a lesser chain, for 25% less money? :confused:

The Dura-Ace has shiny plating everywhere. The Ultegra has only plated outer links, the 105 has none. FWIW.

The Ultegra has pretty link pin bushes formed into its inner side plates. The others??


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The short answer is a DA chain is not likely to last much longer than an Ultegra, but Shimano chains in general elongate quickly due to wear on the pins and the bushings formed into the inner sideplates.

A KMC chain will last longer and Campy 10 chains will last longer still.

9 speed chain should not last twice as long as 10 speed. Most people use the common Park chain checker which does not measure the wear properly and the result is chains tossed when they are not worn.

Do a search on chain life and you should get some of the many threads on this subject.
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