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Hi folks,

So I am working on a new build and was swapping the hoods of R8070 levers as the old ones were quite worn out. I removed the hoods from both levers, first from the right and then from the left lever. Having removed the hood from the left lever and cleaned the lever body, I grabbed the right lever from the table and noticed there was a washer/spacer underneath it. It was not there when I had placed the lever on the table. It seems that it has come out of the lever body. I looked up the pics from Shimano user manuals but neither of them showed that sort of a washer/spacer. During the clean-up / hood removal I only removed the screw on the clamp mechanism and the washer is definitely not from there (I compared the clamp mechanism to the left lever and it included all the bits and bobs that were also on the left lever as well as shown on the Shimano tech pics). The washer was under the outer side of the lever (i.e. the lever was positioned as shown in the picture and the washer was underneath it).

I am a bit puzzled where this mystery washer has come from as like I said, I havent removed any screws other than the clamp mechanism which the washer doesn't belong to. Also there were no other parts close to where the washer was so it's not from another source either (it's definitely come out of the lever). Any ideas about the origin of the washer?

Also tried to search solutions for this issue on Google but found no previous topics.

Edit. I should mention that the Di2 shift buttons and the brake lever mechanism seem to function normally. I also tried to look inside the lever with a flashlight through the small hole on the outer side but couldn't find anything where the washer could have been positioned (when comparing to the left lever).

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