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long story short is im building this bike up and it has these shifters on it although im not sure how they work because the person that had the bike before me had it all setup incorrectly.

Here it goes....

I have a new cable kit for both the shifters and the brakes.


Do you put metal housing ends inside the shifter or do you let the housing ride in the shifter hole alone? It would seem that you cant get an end in there.....or at least not the dura ace cable ends in the kit that i bought. They had ends on the cable housings that i am replacing but those were mangled up so bad that im not sure they belonged in there in the first place.


on these cables i have 2 frame mounted shifter cable adjusters
The one on the right is a small lever that has 3 positions
The one on the left has a barrel style adjuster. Are plastic cable housing ends ok here for the housings? I believe the shifter ends both get plastic but do the adjusters?

Also there was a small strange 4mm reducer style cable end thing that i assume is for the short length needed that is back near the rear detrailer and the small thing fits into the braze on that is on the frame back there ....correct?

The cable kits came with 0 instructions and i dont want to guess and hose it up.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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you shifters

I replaced the cables and shifters on my 8 speed STI shifters like you.
Regarding the brakes.
If you mean the metal cable ends for the cable "housings", some cables have those built in. I bought Ultegra STI shifters and they came with cables, and the cables were proper length with ends (plastic) installed already so I didn't use any of the metal ends you are talking about. If not I think if ends fit, use them. They provide a nice stop for the cable housings and thats what takes the pressure when you adjust cables.
On all cable housing ends, I would use a housing end (metal or plastic) if possible.
I'm not sure what you mean by the 4mm reducer. My rear housing stop was similar to the other ones on the bike.
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