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I do, with the WH-R600, which is what they were called before they became Ultegras.

My experience/comments on them:

I put 11,000 miles on my set before I discovered a crack in the rear wheel near a spoke hole. This is a pretty common occurrence with these wheels.

For general cruising around, I liked them a lot, but they have a lot of lateral flex; almost to the point of being scary. And I only weigh 140 lbs. Other folks I know that have ridden on them have noticed the same thing.

Wheels stayed true and spun great until the day I retired them. I never busted a spoke or had to have them trued. Again, I'm pretty light and fortunately ride on pretty good roads. One minor annoyance was the the nut that held the freehub body in place would loosen, even though it had been torqued properly. I never figured out why this kept happening. Other than that, I never had to do anything with the hubs. I still use the rear on my trainer.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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