Shimano unveils new affordable wheel options

Shimano has unveiled three new road wheelsets, each using trickle down technology from the company's flagship products, resulting in reliable, budget friendly options.

WH-RS370-TL Multi-Surface Wheelset

The versatile WH-RS370-TL multi-surface wheelset offers tubeless rims that are optimized for wider tires ranging from 28-38mm. Designed for disc brakes, these wheels feature thru axles and center lock rotors. Here's a rundown of key features.

  • Effective on various surfaces
  • Rims optimized for 28-38mm tires
  • Center Lock rotor mounting system
  • Thru axles
  • Compatible with 10- and 11-speed cassettes
  • Price: $255

Shimano unveils new affordable wheel options

WH-RS300-CL Balanced Aero Performance

Shimano's new WH-RS300-CL clincher wheels feature fewer spokes (16 front/20 rear) for increased aerodynamics, while the straight spoke construction provides higher torsional rigidity, delivering quick and responsive acceleration. Wider rims are optimized for wider tires, offering superior comfort and reliability for a balanced and affordable ride. Features include:

  • Balanced aerodynamics and rigidity
  • Wide-profile clincher rim
  • Weight: 1820 grams
  • 16H/20H aero spokes
  • Straight spoke construction for torsional rigidity
  • Price $230

Shimano unveils new affordable wheel options

WH-RS100-CL Affordable Road Wheels

These wide-profile clincher rims offer comfort and versatility at an affordable price point. Trickle down technology ensures they're as reliable as they are affordable. Features include:

  • Wider rim for comfort and reliability
  • Weight: 1920 grams
  • Shimano's most affordable 11-speed road wheelset
  • Price $135

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