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I received a frame today that was a big damaged during shipping. I knew things would be bad just looking at how biffed up the package was. The drive side shifter boss evidently got bashed pretty hard -- it was knocked completely off and left a bit of a dent in the downtube. It's a pity this frame doesn't have the bosses that are bolted together via the downtube, as it might have survived the impact without any damage.

Fortunately, the frame was sent with insurance and I will probably attempt to file a claim. But somehow I think it's going to turn out to be way too much hassle, and in some ways I would just rather fix it, if possible, and go on. The frame wasn't too expensive and I think I can live with the dent given the inconspicuous location.

Are there any suggestions for reaffixing the boss? Without having to braze or weld it back on (which would require repainting the area, right?)? It seems like the most robust option might be to tap the frame and use a set screw situated deep enough in the boss not to interfere with the DT shifter or cable stop's screw. What do you think?
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