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Shiv Tri into a single speed "fun" bike....need some help on how this works...

So this may sound a little crazy, but I have a few questions. I have an old Shiv Tri frameset that I have laying around, and I was thinking of ways I could set it up to use it for fun. First thought was to build it up as a road bike similar to the Robert Egger lunch ride design.

But then I was wondering, could I set it up as a single speed bike, and only use or install the rear brake. Only reason I say this is because I think it would look a lot cleaner aesthetically without the front brake installed. Again, I am not going to do anything crazy on this bike, just some casual joy rides. I would think the rear brake alone would be suffice? I am assuming the single gear set up can still use typical road wheels? As opposed to a fixed gear set up which needs some sort of different adapters to work with the road bike dropouts?

Again, might be a pipe dream here, but just seeing what's possible. I am not familiar with fixed gear or single speed set ups so wanted to ask everyone else.
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