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I had Sidi's... for years. Size 47, I really always needed a 48. Started to get some problems from a shoe that was too small (lengthwise). I have 'normal' width foot...maybe even somewhat narrow.
Salesman (actually woman) kinda talked me into a pair of Specialized Pro Carbon toe construction and a whole list of 'bells and whistles'. Rode them today. Hot and stiff. I felt like I WANTED my foot to be snug in the shoe (not length, but width). But, maybe I am wrong...maybe there should be alot of wiggle room for the toes to play on long rides. Just felt 'funny'. . I want to get my Sidi's back...snug, confident.
Any thoughts on shoe fit? I can still make the swap at the shop, but never able to swap after that. This would be the final decision. you all ride with 'roomy' or 'snug' shoes???
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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