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Not my first time there, and certainly wont be my last. Visited some family in Maryland and headed to DC as well. Not all trips were by bike, but I thought I'd post the photos anyway.

Amazingly, thats where I would've tried fishing too.

I guess I probably qualify as a Fred

Really enjoyed the trail, even though it was pretty busy despite the heat.

The next day we headed into DC, since I hadn't been to Arlington since I was very young and know a few people who've started serving their perpetual guard there.

Unfortunately, some graves were fresh. This soldier lived a long life - some weren't so lucky.

The bright flowers provided stark contrast to the white marble that seemed to be everywhere.

This truck was waiting. Waiting for a family to let their soldier go.

There was a Women in Service exhibit there

They had these photos up along one wall with a story, written by the soldier, next to it.

The eyes. Some of them really said more than the letter next to them.

Amongst the somber nature of this place, there was still humor.

Being an inlander you can't go to Maryland and not get some crab

And fresh fish.

30 crab for 4 people. It was a really fun 2.5 hours.

Next time, hopefully, we'll conquer more of the C&O and maybe even some back roads.

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Good job on those photos. Especially the Arlington shots. Although, the fish shot made me smile also. Very nice stuff.
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