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Anyone have experience with panniers designed for around-town shopping (or more) - I'm thinking of the Carradice "Shopper" Pannier or the Ortlieb equivalent.

Feedback would be great.

And as an aside, I got a hub driven dynamo light - fantastic! Highly recommended if you are like me and can't remember to keep batteries in the headlights fresh.

Regards and thanks


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I have a pair of Banjo Bros. grocery panniers. They make grocery shopping and other errands a snap. Overall I am pleased with them, however the top mounting hooks are a tad small and don't fit totally snug on the top rail of my rear rack. As a result, the bag can bounce off on bumpy terrain or be kicked off by my heel. I fixed this by adding a security strap which ties one of the carry handles securely to the rack.

Try to get panniers that can fold flat when empty. Also, be aware that if your bike doesn't have a really long chainstay you may have heel clearance problems. Grocery panniers are very long. I have size 13 US feet, and even with the 450mm long chainstay of my mountain bike I was kicking the panniers. I solved this with a rack that allowed me to mount the panniers further aft. I currently have no heel clearance problems with the panniers on my Nashbar touring frame (455mm chainstays) and longish Axiom rack.
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