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Hey all-

Doing a rebuild on the rear wheel for my bike - it came with DT Revolutions and a 380 gram rim, which was a pretty bad combination for a 220lb (100kg) rider. Broke three spokes in one ride, so knew I needed to rebuild. Was kicking around the decision between the more durable bladed CX-Ray or the heavier round Competition, and thought it'd be pretty cool if I could do the build with the DT Aero Comp. Where the Sapim CX-Ray or DT Aerolite are basically the thin 2.0/1.5mm Sapim Laser / DT Revolution with the 1.5mm center section formed to a blade, the Aero Comp is based on the heavier 2.0/1.8mm spoke, formed into an oval profile which would still fit through a 2.5mm spoke hole. The forming process increases the fatigue life of the CX-Ray, so the same should be true of the Aero Comp.

What's any of this have to do with the subject - shopping experiences with Well, they've been the only place that even lists the straight-pull version of the Aero Comp, and even have them in stock, and for less than I would have guessed.

I know many folks share links from there, and a couple folks say they've got good prices (which I can confirm based on this one thing) but just wanted to make sure that they're good and worth going with.

Thanks for all input!
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