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Hey everyone,
I have been using a Garmin Forerunner 305 (not the Edge) for running and cycling.
For running, it works fairly well.
For cycling, however, I don't like the handlebar mount (available as an accessory) and I have not found a good way to mount the Forerunner on the stem. Also, the screen is difficult for me to read while biking and the battery can't always get through an all-day ride.
Would the Edge 500 be a good choice for a bike computer or should I get something else such as a Cateye computer that lacks GPS but has everything else I need?
I ride a lot in the early morning and evening, so a backlight is useful.
Mostly I want to keep track of my training progress; i.e. miles, speed, average speed, the usual stuff. Uploading the data to a computer would be helpful, but I could get by without that if the data is easily accessible in the head unit.
Many thanks for your advice!
Ride safe.
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