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Sidi Ergo 2 wide

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Does anybody know if the make a wide version of these shoes and where I can find them? I currently have the regulars and wanted to try a wider version.

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It doesn't look like it according to their site. I see mega (wide) listed for Genius models but not the Ergo. Possibly due to the cable buckle.
Have you tried the UK dealers yet? PBK, Chain Reaction, Wiggle, etc.

I find my 2010 Ergo 2's to be even narrower than my 2007 Genius 6.6's. Sidis seem to be on the narrow side to begin with, but the Ergo's seem quite narrow. Good for me, as I have a narrow foot, but maybe if you have wide feet the Ergo 2's might be too snug.

But, I don't recall seeing any wides when I was buying mine.

Good luck!
Ya, looks like the 6.6 come in mega but not the Ergos. I don't mind the 6.6 but they only come in white/blue?!? At least give me an all white! I will check the UK sites.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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