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I'm in need of a new pair of shoes. Unfortunately where I'm at the local shops do not have anything in my size and are unwiling to bring anything in unless I purchase it. I did try on a pair of Sidi Genius 4 and Sidi Genius 5 shoes. The 4's were the right length but felt narrow. The 5's were one size larger so the length was longer than I would like but the width felt a lot more comfortable. I asked if they had a Genius 5 in a size 40 and the guy told me that they were the same model... I tried a Genius 5 Mega in 40 but it was too wide.

Here's my question, was there a last/fit change between the Genius 4 and Genius 5 models? I'm most likely going to have to mail order something and I was hoping to avoid the whole "send it back" thing.

Thanks in advance!
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