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Field said:
The soles of the genius 4 feel awfully soft when flexing with my hands. Looking specifically for a racing shoe and want to make sure they aren't too noodley before i buy. Also, anyone use sidis with the carbon sole? Are they uncomfortably stiff?
Sidi has a little bit of a different idea as to what makes a good shoe. Nike and Shimano make a carbon sole that is WAY stiff. More efficient for pushing they say. Sidi figures that your foot's gonna give anyway, so why not make the shoe more flexible instead...

Personally, I like the super-stiff, carbon soled Nike Poggios. I have 3 pair if that says anything.

I had some G2s and some Technos and really liked them too. A little heavier perhaps, but they lasted from 1998-2003 with no issues.

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