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Should be very close

Qstick333 said:
I am thinking of going from a Sidi millenium sole shoe to a Carbon Composite sole shoe and wondering if the stack height would be the same between both pairs? It seems that the carbon composite has a different profile to the sole, and I cannot find anyone locally that has both in stock to compare.

Thanks for the help -

Can you specify which model you are thinking of buying? For 2008, there is the carbon composite sole (Hi-Tech Carbon is what Sidi calls it) on the Genius 5.5 and then the full-carbon sole on the Genius 6.6 and Ergo 2. For 2007 and earlier, the Hi-Tech Carbon was 2 carbon composite plates laid in the nylon sole. The original Ergo 1 had a similar sole except the two plates were full-on carbon fiber.

Over the years, I have had the original Genius sole, the Millennium sole, the Ergo 1 with carbon sole, the Genius 5.5 with Hi-Tech Carbon sole and just got a pair of the Genius 6.6 with full carbon sole. From my rough measurements, the thickness is not really much different, the full-carbon 6.6 sole might be ~1 mm less. I am measuring from the footbed to where the cleat mounts.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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