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I've done that same ride and it's pretty spectacular.

Can't remember how long it took (I'm pathetically slow), but I was fully worked when I got back to Mammoth.
The first leg, the scenic loop has maddening, deep, bone-jarring cracks across the pavement about every 25 feet for almost the entire length down to 395. Not so bad on the return, because it's slower going uphill, but the outbound leg will have you swearing.

395 has a wide, well-swept shoulder for most of it's length. There are some long climbs up to Deadman's summit, but they are generally at a tolerable grade. The run from the southern terminus of the June Lake Loop at the Shell station down 395 to the northern terminus is the most fun. It's 7 miles of downhill. It's a wonderful 40-mph run on great pavement. The passing RV's at 70-mph can cause some crazy cross-winds, so be alert.

The Loop is a great ride, as the OP has shown in their beautiful pictures. Tank up on fluids and maybe a fresh-made sandwich at the Shell station before the 395 leg home.

There is also a drinking fountain at the rest stop on the west side of 395 just north of the scenic loop.

Go early in the AM to avoid traffic and Enjoy!
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